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Guitar Necks, Blank Tabs, and Chord Charts

Here are some fun things to print out or use on your computer


Here are some printable guitar fretboards in different keys of the pentatonic scale.  If you are practicing moving around the fretboard using a song that is only in one key, you really can't go wrong with any of the notes shown on these fretboards.  These fretboards are done in PDF format.  They should be printed in landscape format and in colour.


Here are some blank tabs to print out and use.  Have fun with them.  They are done in red ink to make your notes easier to read.  As with the other pages, these are also DPF.  Print them out in portrait format and in colour.

Stage Mist

Blank 4 Row - 6 String

Blank 5 Row - 4 String

Blank 7 Row - 3 String

Chord Charts

These chord charts are also PDF's done in red to assure that your notes can be seen even in lower light. These should be printed in portrait format and in colour.

Empty Stage

Coming Soon

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